The Writing on the Wall

Just like England

Six people standing around watching the seventh one doing all the work. Oh sorry, the man at the back is holding the tarp up.

Admiring the view

Ye olde corner shoppe

Think they’re trying to cash in on that English village thing?

Bright idea

Strange what you find whist beach combing. Question is why didn’t it break?

Chinese fishing Nets

Fishing Keralan Style

They use a big cantilever arrangement to catch fish. Unlike fishing in rivers in the UK they only seem to catch fish. No shopping trolleys, traffic cones or bicycles.

Fort Cochin Kerala

Greetings from sunny Kerala. We've finally made it to the sea after a somewhat traurmatic 9 hour overnight bus journey. The coach was supposed to be a sleeper, although you'd have more luck trying to sleep on a rollercoaster. The road over the mountains was so tortuous that you had to hang on to the seat rests to stop youself flying out. Surrounded by what appeared to be contently sleeping locals I sparked up a conversation with the only other […]

Visual Stimulus

Here’s some sort of temple thing. It’s a the top of a thousand steps and features the number 7 rather a lot. You’re supposed to climb the steps as some sort of pilgrimage. We took at rickshaw up instead because: a) I’m lazy. b) Pat’s gout is kicking in. c) It was 35 degrees. d) It only cost 2 pounds. e) We wanted to know if a rickshaw could actually make it up the hill. It was a struggle. I’ve […]

It’s very glamorous travelling you know.

Cliched shot of coloured powders at the flower market

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