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Daniel Craig Martin – ’21st Century Catastrophe’

With slight apologies to the real MCM. Although as I read in his book he was trying to remove all traces of the artist from his images so on that basis I can’t really have found anything to plagiarise.


I’m experimenting with turning video into ASCII streams. Here are the final video pieces: This is an intercut single channel version: This is a quad split of the intended four streams to be used in the installation space: Some stills – click to see them larger in their full glory.      

Windows is Loading…

The story of my life. I rather like the fact that this gets faster as it downloads.

Flags of the Agents

Rather than be annoyed by the endless proliferation of estate agents signage I’ve decided to turn them into abstract art.

Keep On Running

Here’s my 21st century Photoshop nod to Eadweard Muybridge – the father of moving pictures and the man who finally demonstrated that a horse does have all four hooves off the ground at one point during its gallop. That’s the bit when you pull the rug out obviously. There’s plenty more about Eadweard Muybridge over at Artsy here.

The Contents of my Head

Look it’s very busy in there, what can I say…


Here is what I would look like if I was made of wood. There’s probably a deep seated psychological reason I have done this. Or maybe it’s just a comment on my acting skills.

Back from the Dead

Here’s Malcolm Mclaren’s grave in Highgate cemetery. Pretty cool hey?

Geordie Letraset

Do You remember Letraset? It was a sheet of plastic with the letters of the alphabet printed on it. You scribbled on one side and the letter was magically transfered to a sheet of paper. Repeat this process a few dozen times and et viola! you have a sentence! As you can imagine this was a somewhat laborious process, with slightly variable results. I re-imagined this old tech from the perspective of a Geordie, with a somewhat reduced character set […]

Modern Art – With Post Production Issues

The whole God and Adam thing always used to bug me – it always looked like he should have been actually passing something over to Adam – what was he up to anyway? attempting a slightly long distance hand shake?

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