The Writing on the Wall

Day 2 – The Red Fort

It's big and its red, enough said.   Our main reason for visiting was that it offered escape from the madness going on in the surrounding streets – having to pay an entrance fee secures you some peace and quiet to recharge your batteries before re-entering the chaos.   I'm begining to warm to Delhi a little more now. Yesterday, with terrible jetlag it seemed big, dirty, noisy and overwhelming. Today having walked around it for most of the day (7 miles covered according to […]

Day 1 – Arrival in Delhi

Crash landed in Delhi to streets filled with cows, rickshaws, people, chickens, snakes and just about everything else you can think of. Delhi is culture shock there is no doubt about that. There is no simple way to describe the experience as it has no conterpart in the western world. Try to imagine Oxford street with twice as many people in quarter the space set in the wild west with a random assortment of farmyard animals and you are getting […]

Heathrow Airport

Having navigated the security controls to stop the "terrorists" – and can anone explain to me why 100ml of water is not dangerous, but 100ml of water in a 250ml container is? Anyway, airports are hell, we all know that. I'm hoping a) for no delays b) the man in Delhi is actually there to pick me up.. I've said my fairwells and now it's time for some adventure…. See you soon limited audience.

Read willing and able

Well, the bag is packed I think I’ve got everything (including my sense of humour) now that slightly nervous excited feeling just before a departure. See you on the other side …..

Delhi hotel

Just been communicating with our hotelier in Delhi, apparently he’s going to send me a car to pick me up at the airport, although I’ll believe it when I see it. Check their website it’s great: http://www.anupamhoteliersltd.com/html/ANOOP.HTM I particularly like their guest book description “We can boast a guest book full of authors, journalist, musicians,actors, painters and sculptors etc” I’m not sure what an “etc” is exactly, but no doubt we’ll find out on arrival. Doesn’t mention anything about slightly […]

More packing

The trouble with all this bloody technology is that as a consequence I have to lug around about a million travel adapters, cables, batteries, memory cards and assorted other paraphanalia to make it all work. I’m sure it would be much easier to take some stamps and a pencil, but I suppose that is the price you have to pay for progress.I also made the mistake of reading the Lonely Planet India guide on suggested drugs (non-recreational) to take with […]

Anti Malaria Pills

I love these, they’re the ones that make you puke like a dog if you forget to eat before you take them.Still, I’ve got to take them for seven weeks, so it’ll probably become second nature soon.

96 The Grove – Packing…Slowly

I’ve been packing, very slowly, in an attempt to not forget anything. My friend Tony recommended putting everything in the bag and then throwing half of it out again on the basis that you’ve got to carry it half way around the world. Seems sensible to me.. Anyway all you really need is a) Passport b) Credit Card. I’ve got those already. Three credit cards just to be sure. More of this blogging stuff later, when I find out how […]

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