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The Forbidden City

We embarked on a whirl-wind tour of the “Forbidden City’ and the “Summer Palace’ Strangely enough so did the rest of Beijing. Here’s everyone else with us, trying to get in the gates. A yellow roof indicates the home of the Emperor. I will obviously be changing the colour of my roofing tiles on returning to Ealing. I love the Chinese attitude to ancient relics. ‘It’s old it needs painting, lets paint it.’ None of this conservation nonsense. With the […]

Bicycle Race

Yup, you can carry pretty much anything around on a bike. Finding your bike after parking it can be a little tricky. Park it next to a landmark is my advice. Aluminium composite material. Presumably the same as having racing stripes on your Escort RS Turbo. Mobile pottery shop.

Hair cut – Chinese style

I’ve started to look a bit like a shaggy dog, or maybe a slightly older member of a Northern ‘Madchester‘ band – my budget Bangkok haircut was well past its sell by date. It was time to get it cut. Venturing out onto the street I picked a hairdresser’s with the least amount of neon on its fa├žade. I’m not sure by what logic I decided on that, but hey, you’ve got to make a choice somehow. The great thing […]

No, well not in Chinese anyway.

Random trivial fact language fact, there is not a word for ‘no’ in Chinese. Instead you negate the previous sentence. So, for example if some one asks you ‘Do you like football?’ you would reply with ‘I do not like football’ This goes a long way to explaining why arguments seem to go on so long.

Cable car trip.

Fun with a spinning table.

Don’t confuse the tourists

You see, the Chinese have it sorted, no danger of us going the wrong way or getting in the wrong cab here.

Way back down…

Apologies for the colour balance, normally I’m well, more human coloured. I put it down to the altitude.

Great Wall

Very cool, me thinks. This is the toilet, I felt obliged to use it as it was there. Big eh? Top of the world? Yes, it really does go right over the top. Fortunately they are not quite stupid enough to let you go climbing on that bit, otherwise we would certainly have tried.

Cable car to the great wall

It’s a bit like Blackpool with better scenery. That’ll be the wall then. Be civilised visitor…

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