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I hope you appreciate this.

This is my computer… Here’s Blogger in Johnny foreigner speak. Everything looks a bit like this. If you try and create a new folder it comes up as 新建文件夹 (You probably won’t even see this without the character set installed) (Queue round of applause for Pat and myself, 10/10 for tenacity!)

Peking Cowboy


We accidentally wandered into the opening of an art exhibition. ‘Please take as many photos as possible!’ seemed to be the order of the day. ‘Please climb on the artwork and use it as a viewing platform!’ seemed to be another. The waiter looked confused when asked for a glass of wine. Judging from the time it took to open a bottle this was a new experience for him. Probably not made any easier by the plastic gloves. Snacks were […]

Zoom Lens?

Taken on the end of a zoom lens perhaps? No, actually it was directly above my head whilst sat in a roof top cafe. Fortunately, I had no desire to fly any kites that day.

Art (Modern)


So here is the collection of lucky iconography displayed by our tour bus driver. The Chinese cabbage in the middle has to have the pointy bit facing inside ‘to bring money in to the household’ (or motor vehicle one is to presume) There was much arguing in the latter part of the day about the relative positioning of the above objects, probably due to the fact that Pat and myself were not spending any money in the numerous ‘gift shop […]


Here’s the new Beijing olympic stadium. I suspect they might have finished it in time for the games, unlike the Greeks. It may already be finished, it’s hard to say. Olympics here? Really? EVERYTHING has Olympic branding on it already. The only thing left is the toilet paper and I’m sure that’s only because we’re in a two star hotel, we’re probably using up the paper left over from the other hotels. The performations don’t work properly either, but that’s […]

News Flash!

Yes, there is a Starbucks in the Forbidden City. No you can’t actually see it, the locals complained and they had to hide it away next to a bookshop. Still, we had to give it a try..

Hats off..

They give the Chinese tour groups coloured caps to identify them. No cowboy hats rather disappointingly. No green hats either it would appear. Apparently if your husband gives you a green hat he is accusing you of adultery.. Could have done with one of those a few years ago…

Toilet Humour

In China public toilets get star ratings, somewhat like hotels. This is a four star hotel, I mean toilet. That presumably means there will be toilet paper and no err, left overs from previous customers. I’ve yet to find a five star one, although I’m quite excited at the prospect.

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