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Day, oh I don’t know what day it is….we’re travelling!

I'm currently sat in an Internet cafe in Agra (or perhaps we should call it Aggro) having been to see the Taj Mahal at sunrise. We're on a overnight sleeper tonight to Varanasi, and given the general chaos of India I suspect that will be an adventure in itself. Agra is one of those classic "famous monument' type of places. That is it attracts millions of tourists and about the same amount of touts, fake "guides" and assorted other dodgy […]


We had a fairly eventful journey getting here by taxi. We got a flat tyre on route and so the driver jumped out, flagged down a passing car who promptly turned round and drove off back up the dual carriageway the wrong way, leaving Pat and myself sat at the roadside. He returned 10 minutes later with a mechanic to do a hasty wheel change. Nice.   Arriving in the town we couldn't find a place to stay, but did […]

Pat’s bought a new rug

Pat’s bought this nice new rug at the bazaar, here I am lying on it in our room. It has to be said it’s not the most practical of things to buy at the beginning of a 3 month trip around Asia. For a start it’s bloody huge, and weighs a ton. Looks like we are going to be looking at shipping agents in the morning.

The main bazaar

We sat at a rooftop restaurant last night and watched the chaos going on down below. The rather ethereal looking mist is actually the product of several million vehicles well overdue an oil change charging around 24 hours a day.

Our lunch being cooked to order…

Is that a tourist I can see?

Here’s Pat illustrating his ability to blend into the crowd in downtown Delhi. Can you spot him in the picture above?

I’ll have that one there please…

Washing – Delhi Style

Auto Rickshaws parked up

They don’t normally look this cool or this clean. Being driven around Delhi using “the force” to guide them means that generally they are covered in scratches, dirt, cow shit and dents. I’ve only published this picture to perpetuate the myth about the joy of foreign travel. The reality involves taking your life in in the hands of a surly gentleman who you are going to pay about 20 pence to drive you through traffic that makes Hangar Lane roundabout […]

Some Geezahs in Old Delhi

Isn’ that the guy from Goodness Gracious Me and The Kumas?

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