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Our lunch being cooked to order…

Is that a tourist I can see?

Here’s Pat illustrating his ability to blend into the crowd in downtown Delhi. Can you spot him in the picture above?

I’ll have that one there please…

Washing – Delhi Style

Auto Rickshaws parked up

They don’t normally look this cool or this clean. Being driven around Delhi using “the force” to guide them means that generally they are covered in scratches, dirt, cow shit and dents. I’ve only published this picture to perpetuate the myth about the joy of foreign travel. The reality involves taking your life in in the hands of a surly gentleman who you are going to pay about 20 pence to drive you through traffic that makes Hangar Lane roundabout […]

Some Geezahs in Old Delhi

Isn’ that the guy from Goodness Gracious Me and The Kumas?

A view from the Revolving Restaurant

We had lunch up here late in the afternoon and watched the sun set… cool.

Day 3 Delhi – National Museum & Rotating Restaurant

The museum was full of old stuff, what a suprise. We had lunch on a revolving restaurant, panoramic views of Delhi whilst the sun set, very impressive (perhaps picutres later, when I can find a computer with USB connection)We met a terribly nive elderly Indian gentleman suspiciously near the ATM machine, perhaps he wanted to try and rob us. We ran away just in case….More blogging later blog readers…P.S. Post some comments, so I feel like I’m not talking to […]

Temples, temples everywhere…

Grass delivered by moped

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