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For your entertainment some photos of our weekend break in Whitstable, graded to look like we went on holiday in a pop video rather than the somewhat more breezy reality of the Kent coast. Still, the sun did shine and we ate one hell of at lot of oysters.

Dripping Signs

Tips for Sign Writers & Art is Everywhere

A top tip for wanna-be-sign writers – always check that your ink is water soluble before hand crafting your latest masterpiece. This is especially true if working in the UK, where sudden torrential downpours are not uncommon at this time of year.

Barfly May 2010

For your viewing pleasure photos from Barfly May 15th 2010. A Corrupt Event featuring: Joana and the Wolf, No Frogs for Dinner and Housewives.

Jon’s Stag Do.

For your entertainment some photos from  LEEBS – well, that’s what the sign seems to say anyway. The occasion – Jon’s stag do. Apologies for my tourette’s photography style, I put it down to the lateness of the hour and the level of alcohol consumed. I’ve made the pictures a funny colour so we all look slightly healthier than in reality. Believe me this is a vast improvement on what I actually captured.

Birthday Fun for Joe and Alice

Joe got to be 31 and Alice got to be 30, which is nice. I decided all the photos would be some sort of contemporary art project based on a Liberal Democrat orange colour. They also had to be very blurry at the end to try and re-create the “experience”

China – Travel Photographs

China, what can you say? Big country, lots of people, questionable ethics when it comes to Tibet. Anyway, I went there and took some photographs. Here are the results.

Thailand – Travel Photographs

It’s rubbish Thailand I can’t really understand why anyone would want to go there.. Oh no, hang on, scrap that, it’s great. Here are some photos to illustrate my point..  

India – Travel Photos

I went travelling in India a while ago, here are some of the photographs. I also wrote a blog whilst I was there, If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare and fancy some virtual tourism you can read all about it at here.

Venice by Night

Venice is very pretty, I think everybody is probably aware of this. It’s also a photographic nightmare – it would be quite easy to spend your entire holiday taking photographs of things rather than actually looking at them – the middle class holiday version of going to a rock concert and then spending the whole evening videoing the event on you mobile phone, thus reducing the whole experience down to a 5cm x 3cm proxied rendition of events.

Oxford Architecture

There’s a lot of old stuff in Oxford – everywhere you wander you look up and there’s some great Gothic building towering and quite often looking, down upon you. There’s a lot of “history” going on, everything feels old, even the water tasted ancient, but perhaps that’s just the pipes.