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Thailand – Travel Photographs

It’s rubbish Thailand I can’t really understand why anyone would want to go there.. Oh no, hang on, scrap that, it’s great. Here are some photos to illustrate my point..  

India – Travel Photos

I went travelling in India a while ago, here are some of the photographs. I also wrote a blog whilst I was there, If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare and fancy some virtual tourism you can read all about it at here.

Venice by Night

Venice is very pretty, I think everybody is probably aware of this. It’s also a photographic nightmare – it would be quite easy to spend your entire holiday taking photographs of things rather than actually looking at them – the middle class holiday version of going to a rock concert and then spending the whole evening videoing the event on you mobile phone, thus reducing the whole experience down to a 5cm x 3cm proxied rendition of events.

Oxford Architecture

There’s a lot of old stuff in Oxford – everywhere you wander you look up and there’s some great Gothic building towering and quite often looking, down upon you. There’s a lot of “history” going on, everything feels old, even the water tasted ancient, but perhaps that’s just the pipes.

Oxford Prison Life

The Malmaison in Oxford is a former prison now converted into a luxury hotel. The prison has occupied the site since medieval times and was only closed to inmates in the 80’s, although judging from some of the “guests” perhaps some of the “lifers” couldn’t be moved. That’s a joke by the way… The hotel comes highly recommended and has excellent sound proofing.

Make it Bad

Those of you who can remember 110 film cameras, Super-8 and all the other forms of fallible film technology will find great joy in the iPhone application that is Hipstamatic – a wonderfully implemented bit of software that emulates not only the looks but the technological feel of using old school film technology – pick a slightly questionable film stock  a suitably dodgy lens and a questionable film process and see what comes out of the mix. Random chance can […]

Would You Like an Opinion with That?

Back in the old days when we use to shoot photos on that archaic media called film you had to get it developed before you could see what a mess you’d made of your composition.

Beneath the Tide

There’s something weird going on down when the tide goes out… something luminescent and alive. There’s a whole crawling, creeping ecosytem just below your feet at the river bank and it’s climbing steadily upwards…Look out..

Marketing Campaign

[blockquote]I’ve been on a brazen marketing campaign to promote brand awareness sticking my logo anywhere I can…[/blockquote] This involved variously a flight to New York, hanging out with Angelina Jollie,  a visit to a Lego factory, some guerilla poster placement on the London Underground and a trip into the future to meet the Transformers…

Venice 2009 – Biennale

Welcome to the Venice Biennale – the greatest and largest contemporary art show in the world. Here for your entertainment and delectation are some selected photographs.