Category : Photography

Funny Bones

The remains of something deceased photographed with an infrared camera in the hills of La Gomera    


Standing behind the camera, looking through the viewfinder, closing the shutter, is like momentarily departing the world -Naoya Hatakeyama  Photographer

3×3 Southease to Brighton (The Return)

Country walking.

3×3 Southease to Brighton

Country walking.

Infra Red Filter Fun

Landscape Photography

Landscape photographs should be simple things …but they never are… we are always adding- allegories, histories, memories, emotions and spiritual insights. – Hope Kingsley

3×3 A Day Trip to Margate

Country walking.

3×3 Glynde to Seaford

Country walking.

3×3 Stick Story

Country walking.

3×3 Eat Me

Country walking.

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