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Mosquito Death Penalty

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as killing a mosquito on a mirror and then photographing it with a macro lens. Or is that just me?

Tonight Karaoke


What people are saying.

Weirdly out of context quote on the Microsoft site…

Found Objects

Spotted in St John’s Wood.

Universal Constants

Marquis of Granbury 60p

Holloway Prison Review from Google Maps.

Comfortable beds, great food, and the chance to chill out with like-minded people. Shame I only booked my stay for 2 years. Next time I’m going to try to arrange for a longer visit. Any advice or tips on how to get there as quickly and for as long as possible is appreciated. On a side note – there is free $ex in the bathrooms. All u have to do is drop the soap 🙂 Link here

Should You Eat that Bacon?

WideTime Experiments.

Something I’m looking at as a video idea. It’s even weirder when it moves..

Sir.. I have a PLAN (take 2)

Re-imagined by Pasquale…

Sir…I have a PLAN!


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