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Smiling Buddha

Devotees of the Buddha place a piece of gold leaf on various artifacts around the temple as an offering. Over time everything becomes coated with gold. Nice.

End of chapter one.

Well, this draws to an end chapter one of Rickster’s Asia tour. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and will return for chapter two – Thailand. In the meantime here’s a message from our sponsors “Smirnoff“ Drink Smirnoff “It’s great!”

Publicity shot

I thought I might send them this shot of their hotel, but quickly decided the staff were too stoned to be interested.

Salt flats

You’ve got to love those mosquitoes


Swimming pool instructions

Right, I’m glad that’s clear then..

Don’t have a cow man

What nutritional content they are finding in the rubbish god only knows. It seems to keep them alive though. Perhaps their glossy coats are due to all the plastic bags they consume.

Mystery meal #235

Shirt anyone?

Bike anyone?

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