Dating Revolutionised!

Dragon’s Dens pitch idea #324a

As you are aware 50% of marriages end in divorce.* A huge market potential exists in this developing market and continues to grow daily.


Historically, dating websites have attempted to match partners using out of date statistical analysis algorythms, which as the divorce figures illustrate are ineffective.The world of online dating is ready for a new innovation: The harmony of fear. Fear has long been recognised as a creator on human bonds. Fear brings people together, fear is good, fear works.

I present to you Terror Mates.

Our advanced algoryrthms find suitable partners not on the basis of traditional likes but their dislikes. We believe a mutual hatred of something is a much stronger basis for a relationship than enjoying long windy walks.

Can I have £500,000 now please?

..and what’s with the Mr Potato Head guy?

 *Google search for “How many marriages end in divorce?” 23.48 12/03/10

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