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Thames Cinemascope Tests


Cinemascope Hays Gallaria


Spooky Cinemascope Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill on a very misty evening in November. I guess if the aliens decide to come and visit this would be the landing site of choice. The only aliens we met were the kind who had drunk too much Thunderbird.

Cinemascope Imperial War Museum

Here’s a few photos taken with an Optex 1.33:1 anamorphic adapter attached to the 20mm f1.7 stuck on the front of a Panasonic GH1. It sort of works in so much as you get a 2.37:1 ratio image. There’s quite a lot od distortion at the edges though.

Fun with Glow Sticks

It’s £4.95 for 100 glow sticks on eBay. How could I refuse? I’ve been filming them on long shutter exposures spinning around on my record decks. More of that later. Here are a few stills to wet your appetite.

Perivale Serendipity

The train home to Ealing for me seems to have a nasty habit of deciding to change destination after I have got on it. Being an iPhone addict it usually takes me about two stops to notice that I am heading in completely the wrong direction and I inevitably end up here, in Perivale, huffing and puffing about about my own inability to pay attention and the inadequacies of the announcements on London Underground. Tonight however I was treated to […]

Windowsill Photography

Here’s some photos of the plant life on our kitchen windowsill. Processed using the quite marvellous Plastic Bullet for iPhone. Grab yourself a copy today and make all your photos look uber-cool.

Pattern Recognition

  Funny how your brain wants to find structure where there is none and vice versa. Here’s a doodle that may or may not contain secret messages. It’s probably best studied after a muscle relaxant or two..

Door Bells

If first impressions last, then perhaps it’s time to consider changing your doorbell… Here’s a few I found in central London. Would you consider visiting these premises? What would your first impression be?  

Notes from a Small Town (Marple)

Parochial English towns always cough up some entertainment. The local newspapers scream of horrific incidents, shops desperately try to associate themselves with prestige brands despite having no logical connection and scorned lovers publically humiliate unfaithful lovers to a disinterested public. Sometimes living in a  city doesn’t seem so bad.