Category : Photography

Found My Marbles

A bit of Sunday night photo manipulation using various iPad apps.. and far too many filters. Never mind, the results are quite pleasing I think.

Madeira Found Footage

We went to Madeira, the sun shone (most of the time) and we went walking in the mountains. Here are some random photos from my iPhone. Enjoy.

London Pleasure Gardens Launch

Welcome to London’s greatest new attraction! The Pleasure Gardens! Ahem, It looks suspiciously like a piece of abandoned wasteland to me that someone has erected a few tents on…

BT Tower

Shot on a GH2 45mm f1.8 Olympus Prime. I rather like this for some reason.

Railings for Bikes.

No no no no no… You cannot “park” here..

Frieze 2011 Art Fair – Regents Park

For your viewing pleasure edited highlights of the Frieze 2011 art fair. Now, don’t you feel like getting your paintbrushes and glitter out? Come on, it’s not that difficult, you might even like it.

Thames Cinemascope Tests


Cinemascope Hays Gallaria


Spooky Cinemascope Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill on a very misty evening in November. I guess if the aliens decide to come and visit this would be the landing site of choice. The only aliens we met were the kind who had drunk too much Thunderbird.

Cinemascope Imperial War Museum

Here’s a few photos taken with an Optex 1.33:1 anamorphic adapter attached to the 20mm f1.7 stuck on the front of a Panasonic GH1. It sort of works in so much as you get a 2.37:1 ratio image. There’s quite a lot od distortion at the edges though.