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Dude, I think there’s something on your head..

Queen Canute?

Happy beach folk

One mosquito down…

So how many more does that leave to kill? Actually, if you’re interested in mosquitoes – and believe me you become almost obsessed with them when you surrounded by them for a large portion of the day, have a look at wikipedia’s entry. Depressing reading indeed.


When you get really lazy next to the beach, you can’t even be bothered to get up to take pictures. Consequently you end up taking pictures of the back of chairs.

Varkala – sunset

I was randomly snapping photos of people walking past whilst sat at a beach front restaurant. By a happy coincidence we ended up chatting to Tom & Lisa pictured above. That’s serendipity for you. And an opportunity to finally use the word.

Gin, apparently.

Would you actually drink this? Pat’s been doing so. Two bottles of it to be exact. And then complaining about headaches. I wonder why. Give the budget distillation that seems to go on here I reckon it’s probably full of Methanol which could go on to explain the headaches…


(click to make this bigger if you can’t read it) Numerology is like astrology only much sillier. Have a look at my, err, reading (summing? Addition? Bill?) for the month. I’m a bit disappointed I’m not in the “sports, police, the armed forces and automobile industry” categories. Perhaps a career change is required. Still, “I’ll be in the pink of health” turned out to be absolutely correct after dabbling with the midday sun. By the way can anyone find a […]

Fishy this one…

Sometimes you order something and you’re not sure what will turn up. This is called a surprise. Sometimes you order something and you think you know what will turn up. What actually arrives at the table is something that puts you back in the first category. As way of an example I ordered Spaghetti carbonara on day and got Chinese vegetables with tomato sauce.

Club Sandwich #2

The quest for the club sandwich continues… This one was OK, 5/10 a great improvement. Crunchy bread, soft egg, even something vaguely resembling chicken in it. The crispy things whatever they’re supposed to be were stale, we fed them to the local dogs but them seemed fairly unimpressed.