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Anti Malaria Pills

I love these, they’re the ones that make you puke like a dog if you forget to eat before you take them.Still, I’ve got to take them for seven weeks, so it’ll probably become second nature soon.

More packing

The trouble with all this bloody technology is that as a consequence I have to lug around about a million travel adapters, cables, batteries, memory cards and assorted other paraphanalia to make it all work. I’m sure it would be much easier to take some stamps and a pencil, but I suppose that is the price you have to pay for progress.I also made the mistake of reading the Lonely Planet India guide on suggested drugs (non-recreational) to take with […]

96 The Grove – Packing…Slowly

I’ve been packing, very slowly, in an attempt to not forget anything. My friend Tony recommended putting everything in the bag and then throwing half of it out again on the basis that you’ve got to carry it half way around the world. Seems sensible to me.. Anyway all you really need is a) Passport b) Credit Card. I’ve got those already. Three credit cards just to be sure. More of this blogging stuff later, when I find out how […]