The Writing on the Wall


Cheerful philosophical idea of the day: Epiphenomenalism The doctrine that consciousness is a mere accessory and accompaniment of physiological processes and is powerless to affect these processes.

3×3 Corrugated

Country walking.

A Picture Before Bedtime

We three alien kings bring gifts of non-specific purpose or origin.

Vulgar Photography

Colour tends to corrupt photography and absolute colour corrupts absolutely . . . There are four simple words for the matter which must be whispered: colour photography is vulgar. – Walker Evans – 1969

Valence and Emotion.

Most negatively valenced emotions are not rooted in the present. – Anon

3×3 Sandling to Folkestone

Country walking.

Boring Photo Technology

The technology and sophistication of the present-day camera seems to grow proportionally to the increasingly boring subject matter it records – Steve Pippin

3×3 Hadleigh Castle Country Park

Country walking.

Funny Bones

The remains of something deceased photographed with an infrared camera in the hills of La Gomera    


Standing behind the camera, looking through the viewfinder, closing the shutter, is like momentarily departing the world -Naoya Hatakeyama  Photographer

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