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Exclusive! BT Tower Launches into Space!

We were testing a video camera outside work the other day when we managed to capture this bit of startling footage. It appears that the BT Tower has blasted off into space! Let’s hope there was nobody inside at the time eh…

Rocket Tower

Something strange is afoot in Fitzrovia. Someone is distributing photos around the area showing before and after photos of the BT tower, one dated in the future with the tower missing. What’s it all about? There’s also a link to this Facebook page, which doesn’t seem to offer any more clues right now..

Space Test

Here’s a test to see if I can get Joe floating in space. We couldn’t afford a zero gravity machine so I had to do it the hard way. {flv}Rocket-Space-Test{/flv}

Maybe I should make it take off?

Here’s the preliminary attempt at launching the thing. I think it worked out pretty well consider there was absolutely zero planning. I might re-shoot it given enough time so we don’t look so goofy at the end. {flv}Rocket-Launch{/flv}

Fox-Trot ALPHA Title Sequence

Rocket Tower features a fictional television news channel charmingly entitled Fox-Trot Alpha. No prizes for guessing who I’m parodying there then. I needed some nasty high gloss titles so I’ve come up with this. Music to be assembled later… Volunteers? {flv}Rocket-FA-Titles{/flv}

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