Train TRIPPY (Remixed)

Take a trip into your MIND! (on a miniature railway) If that’s not surreal I don’t know what is. When I was editing the slightly more normal split screen Train Trip video I ran out of material at one point and experimentally tried mirroring the footage. The effect was very appealing, but far too odd for what I was trying to achieve at the time.

Not wanting to waste an interesting idea and in a desperate attempt to engage with mashup, youth and drug culture I’ve remixed it and present it for your amusement and entertainment.

For maximum excitement I would recommend you have a nice strong cup of something, pop on your headphones and slippers and make it full screen (that’s the little box in the bottom right)

Enter the TUNNEL!

The original (non psychedelic version) is available here.

Chemical Brothers – Sunshine Underground (Surrender)

Technical Details:
Camera: Panasonic GH1 Stock Lens
Post: Avid, After Effects



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