Brookside Miniature Railway – Train Trip

I was looking at my web statistics the other day and noticed I’m picking up a lot of hits for the Brookside Miniature Railway. Some time ago I built and hosted a site for the railway and I seem to keep picking up some lost visitors. I decided that it seemed a little unfair that you should drop by my site without a little reward so I’ve shot and edited a little video and posted a few photos.

The video definitely belong in the category a call “experimental” or more specifically “pointing the camera around and then making something up later whilst editing it.” Next time I give it a go I think a tripod might help and a degree of planning. Anyway, I think the results are quite interesting either way. And yes, I did add my name to the sign at the end.

In the meantime enjoy!

UPDATE: I’ve done a remix of the video with spaced out music and hallucinogenic effects in a desperate attempt to engage with “Yout” culture. Check it out here.


By the way, I’ve got a secret to tell you, the railway actually belongs to my Dad and I’ve got archive photos and videos coming out of my hardrives, so if anyone would be interested in seeing some more stuff drop me a comment in the comments box below and you might be able to cajole me into digging out and posting some more material.

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