Ever feel like you are being RIPPED OFF?




Hmmm, that seems reasonable doesn’t it? £613.99 for the Adobe upgrade in the UK and $599.00 for the identical upgrade in the US. What is even more ridiculous is that you can buy the upgrade as a downloadable file – i.e. no box, no DVD and therefore no theoretical distribution costs at all directly from the Adobe site and the price difference is the same as above.

And they wonder why piracy is so prevalent…

A few years when I was looking for a full copy of Adobe Production Premium Suite (CS 3 Version) I had a similar experience. The price differential for the full version of the software was so great I worked out that it was cheaper to fly to New York and buy a copy and bring it back. I sent an email to Adobe pointing this out:

Hi Adobe dudes!

I’d just like to congratulate you on supplying me with a free holiday to New York for the weekend!

It would appear comparing the US and UK sites that the Adobe pricing policy seems to equate 1 dollar as equalling 1 pound! Geez, I know you guys are all like art-farty types, but you really should’ve paid more attention in maths (or should I say math?) lessons. I just hope they pay you well, as a trip to the supermarket must be a nightmare!

Hey guys, don’t you ever look at the exchange rates!?

Still, I can’t complain, it would appear that it’s now cheaper for me to fly to New York, buy a copy and fly back, better still my company will foot the bill!

I don’t think Greenpeace will be very pleased though, you naughty, naughty little contributors to global warming. Think of the planet guys, think of your children’s future!

Still, I’ve not been to NY before, so I’m kind of looking forward to it.

Do you know anyone who can show me around?

All the best (but remember the ozone layer!)


Curiously enough I never got a reply. Perhaps it’s time to send that email again? Better still, perhaps I should get lots of people to send that email, and cc it to Greenpeace.

In the words on Jonny Rotten “Ever feel like your being cheated?”

Check out what the UK price is in dollars HERE.

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