Like a child with a new toy…

Map picture
Map picture

Oh look, I can put an isometric view of my flat in here. What ever next?

And the above is an embedded video form my YouTube account… I’m sure this is hardly revolutionary if you’ve done some blogging in the last five minutes, but the last time I had a go you had to hack the “embed” code into the HTML. This was great fun when attempting it on a Chinese computer with all the dialogue in foreign speak.

What else? As you can see I’m jut working through the list of options in the RH pane at the moment.

Well, that was easy… Any more tricks??

Rick’sters South East Asia Tour blog (Old)

Hmmm, a hyper link, well not very exciting, but not very difficult either.

Here’s some stuff in a table
lovely Eh?
more rows

Hmmm… There’s an add plugin option with a link to about a zillion free things to do stuff.

I think I better post this one and see if it works before I get over excited.

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