Using Windows? Then piss off..

I was looking for some information about Final Cut Pro today and I encountered the above…

So let’s think about that one for a moment shall we… That means all the documentation available on the Apple website is only available to Safari or Firefox users… Hmmm questionable anyone?

Just in case I thought I was imagining it i tried the root of the Apple docs at:


Super, so if you happen to want to visit the Apple documentation site using Internet Explorer YOU CAN’T! The box is clear: fuck off and get a browser we stipulate.

Now given that IE is (fairy) standards compliant these days,certainly the latest Vs 8 incarnation, I find that a little bit restirctive to say the least. Deliberately restrictive I would suggest wouldn’t you?

I wonder what would happen if MS decided to close off all its site pertaining to Windows only products to IE users only? Would they be allowed to get away with this? I think there would be a few words said.

But then Apple can do no wrong… or can they?


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