Media Fabrication

I still fabricate DVD’s occasionally. I know that’s very Web 0.5, but they do have their uses. You can give them to you Mum for a start in the knowledge that she has a DVD player already. Additionally, you can have animated menus and other fun stuff. Oh yeah, and you don’t have to compress your pictures into dust to get them to fit down a telephone line that was originally designed as a low quality speech medium.

I discovered recently that my DVD authoring tool of choice – Adobe Encore will build you a flash website version of your DVD images so you can post the thing on the Internet. Well, that’s the theory anyway.

Judge for yourself, here are links to a couple of my Christmas DVD’s. Be warned they need a half decent amount of bandwidth. Don’t say you weren’t warned..

Christmas 2009*

Christmas 2008

* This is HD, which means if you’ve got a monitor that isn’t at least 1280 pixels wide it going to really piss you off because it won’t fit on the screen.

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