More Fake Album Covers.

From Genia, with biogs:

delphinius artrock

Delphinus 70s:

Stars in Delphinus “In Summer, The Song Sings Itself”.  That sadly forgotten 70’s prog/wig-out group featuring Barry Lightfoot and his infamous 12 minute flute solos.

delphinus 70s

Delphinus Artrock:

Some bunch of young Artrock upstarts who’ve nicked the name because prog’s cool again now.  Suspiciously similar album title too… hmmmm!  No doubt they’ll be supporting Franz Ferdinand on their next tour, or playing a residency at a basement bar in Hoxton where all the barstaff are actually manequins and you have to serve yourself.


Terrible’s: Post-hardcore act. 

Lots of screaming and syncopated drums.  Probably using a double kick pedal throughout.  And impossible-to-understand lyrics taken from children’s cult TV programmes, Castro’s speeches and quotations from Niche.

More Fake Album Covers

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