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London by Night

London by Night

It’s quite pretty London during the night time. I took some photos recently testing out the HDR possibilities of Photoshop and my camera.

Pushing the Curve

Pushing the curve, or pushing the “S” curve to give it it’s proper name is a colourist’s term for adjusting the gamma curve of an image to crush the blacks and roll off the highlights giving the image a more “filmic” look. Film has a particular performance characteristic when exposed to light which means it is much more sympathetic to extremes of contrast than video sensors which tend to blow out the highlights when confronted with extremes of brightness.

Brighton Rocks

We went to Brighton last summer. The first shock was that it was available in colour. The second was that it rocked.

40 Things

I was 40 and so were lots of other things too…

Snow in Ealing 2009

It’s been snowing in Ealing, We built a snowman and took some pictures..