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3×3 Folkestone to Dover

Country walking.

The View from the Train Window

The view from the train window is like a cross between the view from a window at home and the view from a car. It is like being at home in that you are not obliged to look out of the window as you are when driving or being driven. On a train you are not confronted with the view; it is an option. You can, if you prefer, spend the journey reading, looking up from time to time – […]

3×3 Manningtree Circular

Country walking.

3×3 Feeling Shortsighted (Deal or No Deal)

Country walking.


“Double Vision – A Very Strange Photo Album” is a collection of double exposures created from the numerous photos taken whilst walking in the south on England during 2016. The premise was to make a traditional family photo album but fill it with particularly strange images.

3×3 Huntingdon Circular

Country walking.

3×3 Eat Me

Country walking.

3×3 Ockley to Wanham Magic Garden Sculpture Park

Country walking.

3×3 Welwyn Garden City Circular Walk

Country walking near Welwyn Garden City.

3×3 Ockley to Warnham

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