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Robert Bresson Interview.

Films in the future will move further and further away from the theatre. Unfortunately I’m still waiting Robert. Q: Do you feel alone? B: I feel very alone, but I derive no pleasure from that feeling.

Spell Correct Poetry (iOS)

The fact I can get it right away with a lot more recent years has to do it again I have a great way for good health to you he was hug for me and I don’t think that is definitely not worth a shot of tequila.  

The Eyes Have It.

Hula Loop

Chimp Steals Mop Shock

Windows is Loading…

The story of my life. I rather like the fact that this gets faster as it downloads.

Turning Tides

A new year and a new book. Turning Tides by Rick Halsall Here’s the track:

Misty Mornings

I’m Hiding

Merry Christmas. 

   A still from the truly marvellous iPad game ‘Prune’ Check it out.