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Beneath the Tide (Revisited)

I’m slowly digging through my back catalogue as I update this website. These images were taken near Kew Bridge.

If I Wanted to Create a Gallery Post….

How would I go about doing it? More specifically should I then delete it afterwards? I’ve often pondered this “self censorship” – something that doesn’t happen if you’ve ever kept a “real” diary other than the over dramatic act of tearing out the page which still leaves an audit trail in the sense of the inevitably visible severed remains poking out from the spine..

Photographers Gallery

  This is a photo shot on an iPhone processed to look like a old fashioned Polaroid then consumed by Google’s “Auto Awesome” and further processed to create a further “antique” aesthetic. Skeuomorphism may have left the building with Steve Jobs but the concept is still very much alive and kicking as far as I can tell.    

Feeling a little deflated today.


Beach Detritus

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