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Feeling Shortsighted?


Borough Green to Sevenoaks

Click here to be transported to the the album.  

Mortimer to Aldermaston

Despite numerous issues with gravity the famous four still managed to have an enjoyable day out. A Country Walk with some lovely friends. The rest of the photos are available here.    

Christmas Decorations

Totteridge Circular – A Saturday Walk

More photos here.

Turning Tides

A new year and a new book. Turning Tides by Rick Halsall Here’s the track:

A Saturday Walk – Milford to Godalming

Canterbury Trails

Another weekend, another walk.  this time Chilham to Canterbury.  

Winchelsea to Hastings (Nine out of Ten)

It’s a sunny day so a walking we shall go.. This one was rated 9/10 – the hardest on the book. My thighs are aching today. It wasn’t too big a deal but all the hard work is at the end of the day rather than the start so I’d advise against a three pint lunch 🙂 The full selection of photos are now here.

The Chainy Walk – Erith to Falconwood

      You can see (most of) the Cyclemeter trace here. Until the iPhone battery went flat that is.