Rickster Blog Roll


I’m experimenting with turning video into ASCII streams. Here are the final video pieces: This is an intercut single channel version: This is a quad split of the intended four streams to be used in the installation space: Some stills – click to see them larger in their full glory.      

Hula Loop

Chimp Steals Mop Shock

Windows is Loading…

The story of my life. I rather like the fact that this gets faster as it downloads.

Turning Tides

A new year and a new book. Turning Tides by Rick Halsall Here’s the track:

Misty Mornings

I’m Hiding

Merry Christmas. 

   A still from the truly marvellous iPad game ‘Prune’ Check it out. 

Thought for the Day

Blessed are the flexible for they shall not feel bent out of shape.    

Street Art

Fallen leaves or spilt paint?