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Picture of the Day

Brighton Pier Ride 2018

Frozen Footprints

Miniature Gardens #2

A semi rotten fence post is all that’s needed. Coming soon?

£20 Tattoo -Special Offer!

Anyone for a special offer £20 tattoo? A bit like buying your art from the ‘discounts’ bin but without the option of taking it off the wall and throwing it in the bin six months later.

Football Division 5

Brimpton FC currently looking for new head of advertising.

Autumn Leaves

I had an idea for an animation with some autumn leaves. The first stage is scanning some leaves picked up in the park on the way to work.      

My State of Mind

Sometimes the shutters are just down.

Photography Rhyming Slang

A tortuous in joke based on famous photographers, their style of photography and Cockney rhyming slang. What’s not to like? Can you guess who it is? Answers on a (boring) postcard to the usual address.

I think I want to make one of these.

Greenham Common 2