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Election Day Facebook Propaganda

This is what Facebook fed me this morning. Interestingly I’m not sure the people who it proposes to “like” the Conservatives actually do. One of them (Alice) most definitely does not. This leads me to believe that they must have been hoodwinked into “liking” at some point and are now being used to try and manipluate my opinion. Welcome to 21st century democracy. [My additional text in red!]

In The Frame

Time Please

I can see clearly now.

Sometimes you need to shift your focus a bit.

Round and Round….

A sneak peak of something I working on. Procedural objects in After Effects and some masking. Soon it will spin…

Quantic Presents Floweing Inferno

Liven up your morning with a bit of Will Holland.

Christmas Decorations

Winter Reflections

Unused Domain Names

An occasional post about websites that don’t exist yet but should. This week: http://mygirlfriendsmess.com/ A user driven site where frustrated boyfriends¬†can post pictures of their girlfriends stuff.